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Welcome to the Choosing Visualization for Transportation Knowledge Sharing Web Portal, a project funded by the Federal Transit Administration's Public Transportation Participation Pilot (PTPP) program. This web portal is designed to be your one-stop shop for effectively applying visualization tools and technicques in public involvement. We have created a robust catalog of information about visualization tools, methods and techniques, and an interactive guide to assist you in selecting an appropriate strategy to effectively integrate visualization data and information into your public outreach and engagement activities.

As you explore this web portal, you can:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding about the pros and cons or using different tools, methods and techniques.

  • Read case studies of projects that have used or are using visualization tools or techniques in public engagement activities.

  • Review scholarly articles about why visualization is useful to include in public involvement work.

  • Find experts in the field from academia, industry, and government who can provide insights about particular topics related to data and information visualization.

  • Watch and listen to web tutorials about different topics.

You can also use the web portal and our interactive step-by-step guide to select the most appropriate visualization tool, method, or technique that can serve your needs

Finally, use this web portal to communicate with us, to provide feedback, ask a question, or provide information that you think needs to be included on this web portal.


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