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Myth Busters

The scope, breadth and application of visualization technologies and tools are often misunderstood. We've provided some of the most common misinterpretations of how visualization technologies and tools work and how they can (or can't be used). Join us as we dispel the myths.

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Myth: Visualization tools and techniques are expensive to use and therefore not suitable for small projects
Myth: Visualizations are always accurate depictions of the final product
Myth: More detail is always better.
Myth: There is only one kind of visualization.
Myth: Visualizations are created to "sell" a project, usually by the contractor who is proposing it.
Myth: You need special computers to create 3D visualizations.
Myth: Visuals are either a) entirely artistic or b) entirely accurate.
Myth: Pictures don't lie.
Myth: Visual models take a long time to make and are hard to change.
Myth: Visualization is for one building, bridge, overpass, or object at a time.
Myth: Visualization is always designed to show how things will look.
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