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Whether you are new to data and information visualization or have been using visualization tools and techniques for a long time, there is always something new to learn. Here are short web tutorials that we think will help get you started .

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Getting It Right: Talking to Your Visualization Expert

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Creating effective visualizations that support a specific public communication or involvement objective requires careful communication between:

a) the project's public involvement and technical team; and
b) the project's visualization experts.

Like working with any professional of a different technical background and potentially different understanding of a project, taking the time to discuss the visualization assignment will help avoid costly trial and error drafts and lead to a better visualization product in the end.

This module provides guidance on key issues to discuss with your visualization expert before sending him or her to the proverbial "drawing board". They fall within three major topics:

  1. the project context
  2. the public context, and
  3. the visualization context.

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